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Above is a map of the area indicating how you can best get to Encampment.
Route 1 (scenic): Take Wyo 130 west out of Laramie over the Snowy Range
Route 2 (scenic): Take Wyo 230 southwest out of Laramie, dipping into Colorado
Route 3: Turn south on Wyo 130/230 at Wolcott Junction off of Interstate 80

Grand Encampment Museum commons

A panoramic view of the Grand Encampment Museum grounds
with the reconstructed fire lookout tower on the right, several of
the outbuildings and two authentic wagons in the foreground.

Tram tower
A Tram Tower

Two Story Outhouse
Two Story Outhouse!

DEEP SNOW PLUMBING - Though most dwellings in the mining communities in the hills above Encampment in the early days were settled on solid earth (many of the nearby structures were designed in higher fashion) to overcome the problem of deep, drifting snows. Some of these outhouses were erected high atop a boase of cribbed up logs; others were slender, silo-like creations with doors opening high up on their fronts; a few were even impressive with newly shingled exteriors. Most were approached by wooden steps leading up five or six feet to railed platforms in fron of the doors; others were reached by railed ramps from building to outhouse. This two-story outhouse is part of the display at the Grand Encampment Museum complex.

The following are found in the outbuildings at the complex:
1912 Buick
A Vintage 1912 Buick
Kuntzman Bar
The Bar In The Kuntzman Building
Forest Service cabin
Forest Service Cabin
Wolford School
Interior Of The Wolford School House
Tie Hack Cabin
Interior Of A Tie Hack Cabin
Stage Stop
The Lake Creek Stage Stop

Doc Culleton Building
The Doc Culleton Building
which houses the following:
Fold-down bathtub
A Fold-down Bathtub
Display Area
The Main Display Area
Square Piano
A Square Grand Piano
Research Area
The Research Area
Bedroom Display
Authentic Bedroom Display
Reception Area
The Main Reception Area

General Information About The Area:


More fun in Encampment...
Woodchoppers Jamboree
A weekend you will enjoy!
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