This page is where you will learn about my family, the most important people in my life. I am so proud of each and every one of them and they are not only great kids and grandkids but great people too. I hope you enjoy reading about them and that maybe you learn something about them if you already know them!

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We met in 1973, just a couple days after she graduated from Rawlins High School. I was working as a draftsman at a coal mine with plans of going back to college that fall.

Peggy had plans of attending beauty school in Casper that same fall.

We dated during the summer and when fall came, we both did as we had both planned. I went to Laramie and she to Casper and we continued our relationship by mail and phone. But after one semester, I decided college was not for me (or was it love?) and I moved to Casper, got a job and waited for her to finish her schooling.

In June of the following year (1974) we got married, I secured a better job with the Union Pacific Railroad in Rawlins so I moved back here. Peggy continued with her schooling, graduated in September and moved to Rawlins at that time.

Peggy started working as a beautician almost immediately and has done so, off and on for the past years.

She is actively involved in our church, Christ Lutheran here in Rawlins. She attends quilting sessions there weekly, has been an officer in the ladies auxiliary and attends church regularly.

Peggy is very family oriented since she has 6 brothers and sisters, 3 of whom live here in Rawlins. One other brother lives in Laramie, one brother is deceased and the baby of the family lives in Dallas.

She has been a terrific wife and mother and we have been making plans for our retirement and the traveling we hope to do when we retire in the fall of 2014.

Kelly Bonnett

Kelly Allen Bonnett

Kelly was born in Rawlins, Wyoming on December 15, 1975 which makes him years old at the present time.

He attended Sunnyside Elementary, Rawlins Middle School, Rawlins High School and the University of Wyoming, graduating in 1999 with double degrees in Finance and Accounting. He took the summer of 1999 off, partly looking for a job but mostly enjoying the fact he was finished with school for good. In August of that year, he got a job with Leo Riley & Company in Casper and worked there until 2010 when he took a job with WCDA. He worked there for almost a year when he was laid off. Since then he has been in a training program to become a commercial and residential appraiser.

While in high school, he played football all four years, lettering his senior year. He participated in track as a junior and senior, throwing the shot and discus, also lettering his senior year. He was involved in wrestling from age 10 through the 8th grade and he played baseball from Pee Wee through Babe Ruth. Kelly learned to play golf while in High School and although he hasn't golfed much in the past couple years, might take it up in his later years.

Kelly was listed for two years in 'Who's Who Among American High School Students' and was nominated to and attended a young leaders conference in Washington D.C. during his senior year.

He was an honor student his entire academic career, obtaining a 4.15 GPA for his high school years and a GPA of 3.67 for his 5 years in college and made the Dean's List every semester except two, one in which he made the President's List (4.0 GPA).

He receives his E-mail at his home in Casper.

Jennifer Marie (Lien) Bonnett

Jen was born in on April 8, 1983 which makes her years old at the present time.

Jen was raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming and graduated from High School at Cheyenne East High.

Jen graduated from the University of Wyoming and found a job an elementary school teacher in Casper.

Jen and Kelly met in Casper through mutual friends and hit it off right away and dated until they were engaged. They purchased a house in the spring of 2010 and got married on December 19, 2010.

Jen started her teaching career as a 3rd grade teacher at Grant Elementary. She spent one year as a facilitator but now is back to teaching 3rd grade at a new elementary school in Casper

On January 6, 2012 Jen and Kelly were blessed with the birth of their son, Kellen who is definitely the joy of their lives.

LeAnn Bonnett

LeAnn Marie (Bonnett) Spilski

LeAnn was born August 29, 1979 (the day before my birthday), which makes her years old at the present time.

She completed her Freshman year at the University of Wyoming, majoring in Elementary and Special Education. While in high school, she was a varsity cheerleader for football, basketball and wrestling.

She attended Sunnyside Elementary (which was conveniently located across the street from our house), Rawlins Middle School and Rawlins High School, graduating in May of 1997 with a 3.0 GPA.

As stated previously, her main activities in high school were cheerleading but she was also actively involved in Tri-T, Med Prep and French clubs.

She was accepted to be listed in two editions of 'Who's Who Among American High School Students' because of her grades and active participation in extra-curricular activities.

LeAnn participated in swimming as an eighth grader and track as a Freshman (throwing the shot and discus). She also played basketball and baseball in little league and has been a golfer for the last 5 years.

We found out in the spring of 1998 that LeAnn was going to have a baby and although it was not actually in her or our plans, we worked through this bump in the road. She finished out that semester of school and then lived in Laramie for the summer, returning home in August, continuing to take birthing classes and going for her weekly checkups in Laramie. Then on September 4, 1998, our most precious baby Kayla Ann Bonnett was presented to us and she has been rewarding us with her presence ever since.

During the time LeAnn and Kayla lived with us and getting their lives in order, LeAnn met and started dating a friend of her brother's, Corey Spilski. He immediately developed a bond with Kayla and LeAnn and in June of 2000 LeAnn and Corey were married with Kayla playing a role in the wedding. They have been a happy family ever since and we love Corey like a son. LeAnn works at the Head Start program here in Rawlins as a receptionist.

LeAnn receives her E-mail at her home.

Corey William Spilski

Corey was born May 11, 1977, which makes him years old at the present time.

Corey was born and raised in Rawlins and attended Rawlins High School, graduating in 1995.

He attended Casper College and received an Associates Degree in Welding.

Corey now works at the refinery in Sinclair as a welder and is an avid hunter.

On September 4, 1998 Kayla Ann Bonnett was born and she has been to apple of our eyes every since.

Kayla - 1st Day Of School

Here is a picture of Kayla Ann Bonnett. I am certainly a little prejudiced, but isn't she beautiful?

Kayla was born September 4, 1998 which makes her years old at the current time. She currently is a sophomore at Rawlins High School and is a cheerleader for basketball and wrestling.

Kayla and her Mom LeAnn and Dad Corey live here in Rawlins and she has become her Dad's favorite hunting buddy, loving to go out in the forest looking for game to hunt when hunting season comes along. She has harvested her own antelope and deer and elk and seems to enjoy her time spent with her Dad.

Kayla is a very outgoing person and has lots of friends and appears to be getting the most out of her academic as well as extra-curricular activities.

She is definitely a teenager and does things occasionally that bewilders us all but basically she is a good girl and we love her to death!

I often ponder how disappointed I was to hear of LeAnn's pregnancy at first and see now what an important member of the family this child has become! How things change! If by chance, you are reading this and have just discovered that your daughter is pregnant at a most inopportune time, let me tell you that it WILL work itself out and you will cherish that child as much as life itself. I wish our Granddaughter had come along when my daughter was more prepared for her and when she had her life more in order but I believe it was in GOD's plan and we were blessed. I wished at one time that Kayla's father were more involved in her life but she now has a Dad who loves her and is there for her every day. It shows me on a daily basis that we can never predict how our lives will twist and turn and that many of those twists are devastating. This is a twist that has paid us benefits every day and hopefully will continue to until we take our final breath.


Here is a picture of Kellen William Lee Bonnett. I am once again a little prejudiced, but isn't he a handsome young man?

Kellen was born January 6, 2012 which makes him years old at the current time.

Kellen is a great kid and a complete hoot to be around. He is growing like a weed and will be in school before we all know it!

Kellen is at the age where he is putting together sentences and learning more words all the time. We can actually have a conversation with him and he is as cute as he can be!

Kellen is our only grandson and is 13 years younger than our only granddaughter but they are the best of friends just the same. Kayla loves doing things for Kellen and Kellen would rather be with Kayla than almost anybody else.

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