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     Welcome to my place on the Internet which I call Rubicon's website. I have placed this page here for several reasons, first of which is my desire to learn how to create webpages using HTML, CSS, Javascript and any other techniques which will make my pages more interesting and pleasant. The other reason for having these pages is to showcase the things in life which I treasure, first on the list which is my family. I also have pages here about myself, my town, my county, my state, my hobbies, my job, my other interests and lastly my favorite sports teams, the Denver Broncos and the Colorado Rockies. I hope you enjoy your stay here and by all means, send me an e-mail to let me know what you think. Thanks for visiting!

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   I was born in Rawlins and lived in Sinclair, a small town 6 miles east until the summer after the sixth grade. My father worked as a pipefitter at the oil refinery located there.

   I attended Sinclair Elementary, then Rawlins Junior High School and Rawlins High School, graduating in 1970.

   I attended the University of Wyoming for 2-1/2 years, majoring in Architectural Engineering but when I realized I would not be an accredited Architect after graduating, but merely a civil engineer with some design classes, I decided to transfer to a university with a Masters of Architecture program.

   In 1972, I moved to Billings Montana in hopes of establishing my residency and attending Montana State University. Since I was unable to find a job there, I returned home and began working as a surveyors helper and draftsman with a coal mine located nearby.

   I worked at the mine for almost a year, enjoying life and just plain having fun. During this time, I met and started dating Peggy. I had decided before I met Peggy that after taking one year off, I was going to return to UW and try to get my degree so in the fall of that year, I went back to Laramie. That was a miserable semester for me because the friends I had hung around previously were not around any longer, the guy who I was going to room with was unable to return to school and my girlfried was going to beauty school 150 miles away in Casper. With frequent trips home and to Casper and Peggy visiting me occassionally in Laramie, I managed to make it through the semester but I just could not do it for the whole year so I left college in Laramie for the second (and last) time.

   In December of 1973, I moved to Casper Wyoming and got a job working as a draftsman with the structural engineering firm of Volk and Harrison. I stayed with that firm for a year while my then fiance attended beauty school. The job in Casper was great and I really did like it, but when I was offered a job with the railroad in Rawlins which paid substantially more money and which seemed to be good for us financially, I moved back in May of 1974.

   Peggy and I were married in June of 1974 and I subsequently worked as a brakeman and conductor for the railroad for almost 20 years, taking advantage of a separation allowance which was offered in December of 1993.

   I began working as a Deputy County Clerk in the Land Office in March of 1994 but quit in August of 2000 because of a personality conflict with my newly elected boss. I am currently still working for the county but now work in the Clerk of District Court's office years. I really enjoy my job, my boss and the people I work with even though it can get very busy and hectic at times. I enjoy the work as well as my new lifestyle.

   When I worked for the railroad, I was gone from home for approximately 24 hours and then at home for 24 hours. When at home, I was always on call and therefore could not plan any activities. Since I went to and came home from work at all hours of the day and night, my new life is a very welcome change.

   While I was still employed with the railroad, I changed what had been a hobby into a business. I owned and operated a trading card and comic shop in downtown Rawlins from May of 1991 until March of 1994. It was truly an enjoyable experience but ultimately took up too much time considering the fact it was not making us any money. I will always cherish the memories of what a fun time it was and hope that one day I can operate a business of my own again.

   Whenever possible, have a smile on your face because it may just grow on you and most importantly, it may grow on those around you.

   Cherish every moment given to you as if it were your last because you never know that it may not be.

   Don't throw away any opportunities to enjoy and do things with your children. They don't stay children forever.

   Life is too short to live it unhappy. If you are unhappy, do whatever it takes to improve your situation. Nothing makes life worth living like being content.

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