This page will be my discussion on the computer programming language Visual Basic, otherwise known as VBasic. I have been programming for several years and very much enjoy this language although many will say it is an antiquated language.

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I became interested in computer programming many years ago when I was in college. I was an architectural engineering major and a BASIC programming language class was required. I found out quickly that I really enjoyed making computer perform a function. My newfound knowledge never really went anywhere for several years until I purchased an Apple personal computer which came with it's own version of BASIC. I learned the language and started creating programs which I used for various chores. I eventually changed to an IBM compatible system and discovered QBasic which was still very similar to the other languages I had learned. I once again stepped up to Visual Basic, also known as VBasic many years ago and have advanced through several versions, finally settling on version 5.0. I have thought about stepping up once again to version 6.0 but am resisting so far due to the possible learning curve. I have also experimented with some other ventures into programming, mostly with web page design and creation. In doing that, I have learned some javascript, cascading style sheets and some PHP (enough to be dangerous at times).

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